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Herbal Treated Garments

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Herbal Treated Antibacterial & Antiviral Garments of CLIMATE CLEAN to limit Covid-19 infection was presented as case study at 17th World Congress on Infection Prevention and Control during June 07-08, 2021 at Berlin, Germany

Garment :

Garment is the second skin of our body, is of immense importance in human life and has been evolved continuously.

Skin :

Skin is also largest sense organ in the human body. It can act as a barrier as well as a medium for entry of biological toxins and pathogens in the body.

Pathogens :

When pigments toxins and chemicals present in the environment get accumulated in the conventional garment and may enter into the body through the skin, hence, enhancing skin’s ability to resist entry of harmful chemicals and toxins into the body will improve the health.

How it work ?

Antibacterial & Antiviral herbal treatment of clothing provides medicinal value to the garment and protection against myriad biological toxins and pathogens to the Skin. When herbal treated antibacterial & antiviral garments are worn, the medicinal property in the garment is then transferred to the skin.
The herbal molecules of the treated garment enter deep into the body, show its effects at different levels of the body, and help in protecting body from biological toxins and pathogens.
The skin can act not only as a protective barrier but also as a medium for outside substances to enter into the body. In the same way, the skin has the ability to absorb herbs present in the treated garment. These herbs release their medicinal qualities in the body and strengthen the skin’s ability to block and resist the biological toxins and pathogens.
The close contact of herbal clothing next to the skin enhances the body metabolism, which leads to effective elimination of body toxins.
The herb-infused in the herbal treated antibacterial & antiviral garments act as healing agents after the herbs being absorbed through the skin.
Skin temperature helps the herbal molecules to be absorbed into the body through sweat pores to manifest the desired medicinal effect.

Herbal Treatment process of garments

The process of herbal antibacterial &antiviral treatment of garment is developed through extensive research during the age-old herbal treatment methods practiced since Vedic era.
The herbal treatment of garment is carefully and meticulously conducted in holistic and hygienic environment. The herbal treatment process of garment passes through various stages of treatment before it becomes ready to wear.
The Garment is first treated with goodness of cow urine, milk, honey, along with other herbs. After this garments are treated with the blest herbal mixture prepared by careful blending of different herbs derived from plants, flowers, roots, and barks.
Goodness of herbs is infused in the garments in a carefully controlled herbal mixture to infuse the medicinal value of herbs intact.
The temperature, duration, number of the soaks, blend of herbs, and equipment are carefully controlled.
Different garments made from different material having different shades and sizes are treated differently to keep the originality of shade intact.
Finally, the Treated garments are cooled and washed several times to remove the non absorbed particles.
The Garment is kept to dry for 3 days and then kept in a room for 15 days for seasoning that allows herbs to settle.

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